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Udja (Greetings) ALL,

em Hotep

​Come back for datials on a new upload to the Kemetic Videography page to be uploadedsoon.

Class Schedule:

​The following is our current class schedule.  Videos are uploaded from these lectures. Specialty lecture video series are uploaded on a regular basis.  

New Series of Teachings with Brazilian Portuguese translation to begin​ April 8th 2020 at 7:30pm EST/8:30pm Brazil time. Status Open-Free.


Friday 7:30 pm est.

The Book of Am Duat Lecture Serie

s(as requested by aspirants)

Status: Closed

{Uploaded to AM DUAT page}

Saturday 5:30 am est.
Early Morning Devotional
Status: Open
{Select weekly sessions are subject to upload on this web site}

Saturday 9:00 am est
Goddess Power each Saturday morning at 9:00am.
Status: Closed
(Uploaded to Goddess Tradition page)

Sunday 2:30 pm (final Sunday of each month)
Ancient Egyptian Medicine Sunn(t) Continueing Eucation
Status: Closed
{Uploaded to AEM page}

All classes re held on ZOOM an announcement with a link to join the class is sent via email the day before.  If you have problems logging on, please send an email to 

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